#5 lost boy

I was returning home from somewhere with my family in a bus.

All I wanted to do was look out of the window and contemplate life. However, I was seated next to a nightmare of a poor little boy.

He gave me the vibe that he could easily steal from me. He was loud and kept chattering and had a mischievous glint in his eyes. Somehow, my stuff was all over the place and I was trying to put it back into my bag before he took something.

After a point I lost it and told the kid rudely, “I don’t like this kind of stuff. Get out of here.”

And he looked at me, straight in the eyes, an evil look crowding over his baby face and says, “I’m definitely not going anywhere.”

A little scared now, I just shut up and tried to calm myself. I tried to be nice to him and it works. He became less annoying and started telling me stories, using words whose meanings he did not know. He kept swearing, not realising what he was saying. I was a little alarmed, but didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to provoke him.

Soon, thankfully, the bus stopped for a pit stop at a theatre. I get off and my whole family gets together at the entry with our luggage.

Then I spotted him…the boy I liked. Jake. I hadn’t seen him in ages. A warmth spread through my body and I nudged him to say hi as he opened the theatre door to enter.
He turned around and grinned at me, as he realised no it was, apparently happy to see me too.

I was super excited to spend some time with him inside, but my mother had other ideas. I kept my bags with theirs and was about to go find Jake, when my Mom started teasing me in a stern tone and basically told me to stay there. Ugh.

Soon however, my parents disappeared and I got up to find Jake. I fixed my appearance and looked down at my clothes. Leather jacket and haram pants. Yuck. But I had no choice, this was it.

At this point, karaoke had begun in the theatre and the crowd was going wild! Everyone was dancing on their seats and grooving to the beats 80s style. It was a magical site for an 80s movies fan like me.
Squeezing through the crowd, I tried to look for Jake, but I couldn’t see him or anyone else because my short self was surrounded by ridiculously tall people dancing.

…and I woke up.


any thoughts?


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