#4 best friend?

I had gotten some points on some card, and I was redeeming them just for the heck of it, not expecting anything great in return.

“Ma’am, you can get the Switchfoot concert tickets with these points,” informed the sales lady.

Jumping up and down with joy, I called up my best friend (let’s call her Tara) and told her we were going for the Switchfoot concert tomorrow.

Psyched as much as me, she began planning out our outfits and we decided on the time we were going to meet.

The day of the concert, I was on time as usual, and Tara was running late.

While I was waiting, I spotted Tara’s ex (uh, well kind of). Let’s call him Harry. He was a good friend of mine back in school, got me out of some tough spots and I helped him out too. However, he wasn’t very nice to her. Very emotionally available sometimes on one hand, and then of course, cheating on his girlfriend with Tara on the other hand.

Anyway, when she arrived and I told my her Harry was there, she freaked. She told me she really didn’t want to meet him, which we would’ve been able to avoid if the venue hadn’t been so small.

I didn’t want to force her, but we both did want to attend the concert, so she said, “It’s fine. I’ll just suck it up. I’ll be fine.”

Unfortunately for her, we ran into him at the entry itself. They hugged pretty normally, no one would have guessed there was history.

Once the concert started, we lost him and his friends thankfully, and Tara began to relax. She met another friend of hers, so I went to get us some drinks and ran into Harry there.

We got to talking, reminiscing about school times, and laughed at how ridiculous we were. He really was fun to hang with.

I don’t know what signals I gave him, but next thing you know he was leaning into me, brushing his hands on my arms and kissing me on the cheek.

I saw Tara see him kiss me. She looked so disgusted. It wasn’t even my fault. Before I could push him away or react in any way, she ran away from us. I started running after her, but I lost her in the crowd. I needed to explain.

and I woke up…


any thoughts? 


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