#3 i obviously drank too much

I was at an award function with my parents, nothing like the oscars or anything but something fancy, yes. I was wearing a red shift dress with a black cashmere scarf draped on my arms and I looked more elegant than I ever have in real.
My parents don’t know I drink, so I was surprised that they didn’t comment when I did have a drink there.
We walked back to where our car was supposed to be in a happy daze, which instantly went away when we saw our car had disappeared!?
We eventually found it a little further away, with its red paint removed (car was white now) and the number plate changed too. Eerie.


Next thing I remember is waking up on the mattress on the floor of my flat.. legs cramped, my last molar hurting. I feel it with my tongue, and it feels it’s going to fall off. Panic bells start ringing in my head. I also hear sounds of belts buckling as I stir.
It turns out my friend (let us call him Averett) and his girl were canoodling on this same mattress …
I scream and make them get off of the mattress. I’m angry at them but I’m also panicking
about my tooth and want to go see someone about it, so I tell Averett that I feel as if my tooth is going to fall off, almost crying.
That’s when I realised I could hear loud music from outside of that room.
Confused, I walk out of that room and saw that it’s crowded and there’s such a huge mess everywhere. I see a tray of sweets etc lying on a table somewhere and try to remember how this all happened.
Then I remember that I threw a party .., but why were the sweets there? Were my parents here …
Just annoyed now, I told everyone to leave. Told, being an understatement, more like screamed. People just picked up their drinks and the stereo someone had got, and shifted the party to the corridor, a little disgruntled.
As I made to shut the door, I saw 3 familiar people outside. I told them I was sorry that I was kicking them out, but it had gotten out of hand. I had just wanted like 10 close people to come, not so many I didn’t know?
“Yeah, yeah, we get it, of course,” they said graciously, while dancing to the music playing in the corridor now.

…and I woke up


Any thoughts?


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