#1 i missed the train?

My friend (let’s call her Amaya from now on) and I were going on a trip.

The first train from here took us to my hometown, where we were to catch another train at 3 pm.

We reached my grandparents house at 1, with 2 hours to rest. We were lulled into a false sense of security that we would not miss the train, as the platform was visible from their place. Tired from the long journey, I felt myself drifting to sleep. I told Amaya to wake me up in time for us to catch the train.

My sleep broke and and I looked around, confused. Realising where I was, I checked the time and saw it was 3 pm.

Freaking out completely, I ran to check the platform through the window, while shouting at Amaya for not waking me up. She calmly said, “Chill. We will make it.”

Furious though I was, I controlled my anger and looked out. The train was at the platform.

Hyperventilating, we ran out of the house with our bags.

I could see the train starting to move.

and i woke up…


My thoughts: even my dream world knows how paranoid I am about being late?


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