#5 lost boy

I was returning home from somewhere with my family in a bus. All I wanted to do was look out of the window and contemplate life. However, I was seated next to a nightmare of a poor little boy. He gave me the vibe that he could easily steal from me. He was loud and […]

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#4 best friend?

I had gotten some points on some card, and I was redeeming them just for the heck of it, not expecting anything great in return. “Ma’am, you can get the Switchfoot concert tickets with these points,” informed the sales lady. Jumping up and down with joy, I called up my best friend (let’s call her […]

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#2 too much skin

It was an ordinary school day. The sun was shining bright, laughter could be heard from classrooms, and hushed gossip floated through the corridor air. There was a particular kid I liked; tall, dark brown hair, slight stubble, with a laugh I remember till this day. He was talking to his best friend animatedly, leaning […]

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#1 i missed the train?

My friend (let’s call her Amaya from now on) and I were going on a trip. The first train from here took us to my hometown, where we were to catch another train at 3 pm. We reached my grandparents house at 1, with 2 hours to rest. We were lulled into a false sense […]

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#0 Prologue

i have very strange dreams almost every night. they’re quite interesting actually, because they make zero sense. they’re like short stories tbh.

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